Here’s a little bit about each station to guide you on your way! TKR “Playtions” are Spotify playlists designed to allow for hours of listening. I hope you approve our choices, and if you have a song I’ve missed or would like to see my add another type of list or would be interested in similar lists for AmazonUnlimited or another service, use the “Contact Us” Form on the menu and shoot me a line! And when you listen, don’t forget to click the “follow” button so i know someone is listening! Yay!

Here’s the rundown of the Playtions we’ve got right now!

RadioHitzOne – TKR’s version of Top 40 Radio! Granted, it’s OUR version, so you may not hear everything you’re planning on hearing (there’s not a lot of rap, and NO Taylor Swift), but what we consider hits on TKR right now. Plus a selection of recurrent hits and a few oldies as well. The channel syncs up with our TKR Hot Hits chart, plus extras and a few chosen recurrents as well!

MarqueeMixx – TKR’s Movie Hits channel! Programmed in tandem with our sister sites eCinemaOne and eCinemaBoston and our weekly Subject:CINEMA podcast, this channel is full of hits from the movies from 1980 forward!

MarqueeClassix – All the great movie tunes released before 1980! Looking for “The Sound Of Music”, “Grease”, “Saturday Night Fever” or other classics? You’ll find the music right here! Programmed in tandem with our sister sites eCinemaOne and eCinemaBoston and our weekly Subject:CINEMA podcast.

MarqueeScorz – Our channel devoted to the best movie score tracks. Classic themes, current themes, and more – if it’s part of a movie score, this is where to look! Programmed in tandem with our sister sites eCinemaOne and eCinemaBoston and our weekly Subject:CINEMA podcast.

TKR CountryHitz – current popular country hits. We’ve got all your favorites right here, from Carrie Underwood to Brad Paisley to Rascal Flatts to Hunter Hayes, and everything in-between.

Sunshine 70s – the name says it all – all 70s all the time! Classic pop, bubblegum, rock, R&B, country pop, disco – you name it, it’s here! From The Partridge Family to Carpenters, from Barry White to Glen Campbell, and all the rest too!

EverSo80s – If it came from the MTV Generation, it’s on EverSo80s! Christopher Cross, Naked Eyes, Duran Duran, Hall & Oates, Debbie Gibson, and tons of other favorites.

Naturally90s – One of the craziest, most diverse decades for music ever! You’ve got New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys, Nirvana and Aerosmith, Hanson and Beck, plus everyone else that hit the charts!

Knockout Noughties – The best of the first decade of the 21st century!  A little bit of everything, from Adele to Pink, mixed with a little Keane and Fall Out Boy and long term acts like Hanson and Silverchair, and more more more!

Christmas Every Day – just what it says! The classics – Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand – with the new standards – Mariah Carey, All 4 One – and great stuff you probably haven’t heard but should have – Plus One, The Ready Set. Plus plenty of funny too – Bob Rivers, Fred Figglehorn, Weird Al Yankovic. There’s presents galore for everyone!

Cocktail Hour – Ah, those Space Age Bachelor Pad days…the days of classic cocktail music, powered by Ultra-Lounge and more, with both vocal and instrumental classics for the Kitschy crew…Martin Denny, Esquivel, Dean Martin, Vic Damone, and more!

DiscoRound – Well, this is certainly fun! Forget the horrid culture and just enjoy the fantastic tunes – we’ve got all the classics here – Donna Summer, KC and the Sunshine Band, Village People, Peaches and Herb, and disco numbers by acts you don’t normally think of, like Wings, Kiss, and more!

EZBreezy – resembling classic (read that “OLD”) “MOR” radio stations from the 1960s and 1970s, this channel features “soft” vocals from the same decades – soft pop like Carpenters, Linda Ronstadt, Barry Manilow, Helen Reddy, and John Denver mixed with classic “easy listening” staples like Perry Como, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Dionne Warwick, and others…around here this is usually referred to as “Awfully Lite FM” (“Sheep In The Big City” homage…)

EZ Dreamy – TKR’s version of a New Age channel. Some of the songs are a little “hard” for traditional New Age, but the artists are worth it. Andreas Vollenweider, Michael Gettel, Adeimus, Nicholas Gunn, Enigma, Yanni, John Tesh, etc.

 EZCheezy – Beautiful Music is BACK, BABY!  OMG, I love this stuff – I grew up listening to it, and it’s so great for an unobtrusive background. Frank Chacksfield, Richard Clayderman, Mantovani, etc. True “beautiful music” format too – ALL instrumentals!

Amusement Park – TKR’s novelty and comedy channel has a little bit of everything – fun novelty songs and some great comedy routines too. WARNING – generally  NSFW due to explicit language in places. Who’s a naughty boy (or girl) then? Tut!

TC’s Weekly Beat – wanna know what TC is listening to? Each week on Thursday or Friday he’ll put up a brand new list of great songs that he’s listening to for you to check out! BE sure to check it out and find great new music and classics you may not be familiar with!

 LoveBeat – all the best love songs from the 60s through today.  Carpenters, Perry Como, Dionne Warwick, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, etc.

Sibling Set – a great channel focusing on a mix of genres performed by musical acts that have at least one set of siblings in the act. Hanson, R5, The Band Perry, Heart, 3 Shades of Blue, and tons more groupings of all sizes and styles!

Boyz Club – all boy bands, all the time, from all eras! This channel follows the TKR definition of a boy band – an act that focuses primarily on vocals and dance routines. So you won’t find Hanson or 5 Seconds of Summer here, but you WILL find Backstreet Boys, NKOTB, N Sync, and a ton more great boy bands out there!

Girlz Club – all girl groups, all the time, from all eras! This channel follows the TKR definition of a girl group – an act that focuses primarily  on vocals and dance routines. You won’t find Heart or The Runaways here but you will find Spice Girls, Expose, Sweet Sensation and a gaggle of other great girl groups!

 Teen Beat – If they were teen idols or teen performers, then this is the place to find them, male and female!  From the 50s right through to today, we’ve got them right here!

Christmas Outside The Box – “Unconventional Christmas” has a NEW NAME! Ever get tired of hearing the same old boring holiday tunes? Well, here’s your relief – great original Christmas songs of the past and present and versions of classics that traditional radio never touches, and even the all-holiday channels rarely play! Check it you and let us know what you think!

Duet – Over the years there have been some amazing collaborations between artists, and we’ve got most of them here! You won’t find people who REGULARLY record together here except for a few exceptions; these are first and foremost the one off teamings that sound AWESOME!

Talent Pool – Did they get their start on a TV talent show somewhere? Then they’re here – alum of “Idol”, “The Voice”, “The X-Factor”, “Rising Star”, “Got Talent”. “Starsearch”,  and more from around the world! If you don’t know them all, you should!!

Space Age ’60s – Ah, the ’60s…that time when music really mashed in a crazy mix of styles and sounds. Find it all here – pop, crooners, instrumentals, British Invasion, and everything else all rolled into one!

The Hair Net – True Hair Metal ROCKS! And it’s ONLY the TRUE hair metal – hits from 1982-1995, plus later hits by the bands that made Hair Metal GREAT! Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Slaughter, Guns N Roses, and all your other favorites!

Country Classix – These are the TRUE country classics – the songs my granddad used to hear on his favorite country radio station when I was a wee lad – Ferlin Husky, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, and others – from the early days of country through the mid-1970s!

CountryPolitan – That country sound with a slight pop beat – the kind of country music that featured lots of fancy clothes, diamonds, and rhinestones. Mid-60s through the mid-80s and a few here and there from more recent times. Dolly, Kenny, Mac Davis, the Silver Fox, and more!

Euro-Visionaries – EuroVision, All EuroVision, and ONLY EuroVision! Songs that won, songs that were entered but didn’t win, and covers of classic EuroVision selections, from the beginning of the contest in 1956 through the present day!

More Playtions coming – check back for new listings!