I have a hard time writing about 1993 because I was all over the road musically, and because my personal life was about to go through a tremendous upheaval of my own doing. Let’s start with DC Talk – they were on the chart as the new year began with “Luv Is A Verb“,  the first hit from their third album, “Free At Last”. the title track of which would take them back to the TKR top spot in late summer, preceded by several other hits from the album. I also guess I was getting nostalgic this year – I would turn (gasp!) THIRTY in March, and a lot of older albums from the 70s were being reissued on CD for the first time, leading me to add some of the songs and taking both The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family back to the top on the chart. Carpenters were also back on the chart with “Calling Occupants” this year.  A new quartet from Oklahoma emerged as a potential blockbuster, but PC Quest never lived up to it’s potential thanks to radio indifference, although they had a number of TKR hits. Bad 4 Good had one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year, but most AOR and Top 40/CHR stations weren’t interested in a heavy metal band who’s oldest member was all of 16 and a Nickelodeon TV star…pity that; the band took two of their songs to #1 on TKR this year, and both “Slow And Beautiful” and “Nothing’s Great About A Heartache” were better than what radio was actually playing. Luis Miguel continued his string of Spanish language hits, joined by ex-Menudo Ricky Martin, who would take the title track from his second album “Me Amaras” all the way to #1 in the early fall; he had started hitting the chart earlier in the year with tracks from his first album, and was still FIVE YEARS AWAY from his across the board chart smash “Cup Of Life“, which launched him as a worldwide superstar.  There were TV bands like The Heights and California Dreams around, and the usual pop stuff too. But there were a few surprises too…like the way I fell head over heels in love with the reggae/rap style of Snow, who spent four weeks at #1 with “Informer“, and who likely would have continued to have hit the charts through the 1990s with his subsequent releases had I continued doing the chart (more on this later); as it was, he had three hits on TKR this year. And the folk duo known as The Cages never caught on nationally, but their biggest hit, “Hometown“, still gets airplay on Triple A and Americana format stations. Lulu came back on the scene, but while “Independence” was a #1 TKR Hit, American listeners didn’t get the chance to love it because radio ignored it, as usual. The most unexpected return to the charts, however, had to be Meatloaf – he hadn’t had a hit since the late 1970s, but re-teaming with producer/songwriter Jim Steinman for “Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell” saw him emerge with one of the biggest hits of the fall, “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, which has the distinction of being the FINAL #1 song of the original incarnation of my chart, dated November 20 1993, just one week shy of the full 1993 calendar year. You see, after Kim had visited Lancaster in January, and I had returned to visit her in Boston in July, we knew the signs were there – we were in love, and in September, I pulled up stakes after eleven years in Lancaster, and moved to Massachusetts to be with her. I’ve been here ever since. I never stopped listening or keeping track of music though…and I intend to rectify those years that are presently missing…more on that soon…

JANUARY 2 1993
JANUARY 9 1993
JANUARY 16 1993
JANUARY 23 1993
JANUARY 30 1993
FEBRUARY 13 1993
FEBRUARY 20 1993
FEBRUARY 27 1993
MARCH 6 1993
MARCH 13 1993
MARCH 20 1993
MARCH 27 1993
APRIL 3 1993
APRIL 10 1993
APRIL 17 1993
APRIL 24 1993
MAY 1 1993
MAY 8 1993
MAY 15 1993
MAY 22 1993
MAY 29 1993
JUNE 5 1993
JUNE 12 1993
JUNE 19 1993
JUNE 26 1993
JULY 3 1993
JULY 10 1993
JULY 17 1993
JULY 24 1993
JULY 31 1993
AUGUST 7 1993
AUGUST 14 1993
AUGUST 21 1993
AUGUST 28 1993
OCTOBER 2 1993
OCTOBER 9 1993
OCTOBER 16 1993
OCTOBER 23 1993
OCTOBER 30 1993
NOVEMBER 13 1993
NOVEMBER 20 1993

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