I have been collecting records – and music in general – since I was a tot; my mother purchased me tons of kiddie records, passed her 45s and LP’s on to me, and such starting when I was about 3. And although I don’t have everything I had back then – a lot of the kiddie records are long gone, heh heh – I do have quite the collection of 45s, LPs, Cassettes, Cassette Singles, box sets, and cds, as well as over 100,000 MP3s in my collection.

In 2020, I started the arduous task of cataloging my collection in the online database Discogs – it’s the most comprehensive listing source out there, and millions of people use the site just for that purpose. All of my vinyl LP collection (except most of my radio transcriptions), as well as those belonging to my wife Kim, and about 15% of the 45s, including all purchases made since 2020, are now logged. I hope to have the remainder of my 45s logged by the end of summer, and then I will begin work on the CDs, which I have catalogued presently on another site, and which I will have to reenter every one, because for reasons that I understand but do not entirely agree with, Discogs will not allow you to import stuff into it’s database, even into a temporary database that you alone control,  so you can then move the entries into their database. It’s a pain, but it’s not a big deal. Following that will come the cassettes and cassette singles (both are presently in our storage locker and not readily available at the moment) and finally, my digital-only collection.

I am hoping that I will have my entire collection logged by the end of 2023 – that’s my aim, and I’m gonna try my best to get there. IN the meantime, you’re welcome to check out my collection, my want lists, and such on Discogs by checking my ID over there –