Countdown to Eurovision ’21: #39 – Australia

#39 – Australia
Songwriters: Jessica Cerro, Dave Hammer

The Kirkham Report welcomes you to my coverage of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest!  From April 3 to the end of May, I’ll be here with all the latest ESC news and info, and of course, through May 11, that means I’m also bringing you all the info on each song this year ranked in order of my personal preference from bottom to top. I’ll give the reasons for my personal rankings, and some background info on the song, artist, songwriters, and such.  Again, these are MY opinions, and I realize that the ESC fan community is a rabid one, and rarely everyone agrees with everyone else, so as they say, your mileage may vary. It was announced March 2 that ESC will take place under Scenario B of the four possible scenarios announced several months ago, with an eye on the recent uptick in Coronavirus cases in the EU, and could be switched to Scenarios C or D if needed.

There are 39 countries participating this year, down from 41 in 2019 – Bulgaria and Ukraine will return to the contest after taking 2019 off, while Armenia, Montenegro, and Hungary have elected to sit out this time around, and Belarus was disqualified from this year’s contest because of rules violations on their song entry.

And now….let the countdown begin!

In at #39 this year is the official entry from Australia, “Technicolour” by Montaigne. It is performed in English. The song is scheduled to be performed fifth at the first semi-final on May 18. Montaigne was scheduled to be Australia’s representative at the cancelled 2020 contest and was one of 24 performers invited by their country to remain the representative for the 2021 contest.

Jessica Cerro adopted the stage name Montaigne in 2013, shortly before launching her musical career, and since that time she’s had a number of hits, both as a solo act and as a featured artist on several other hits as well.

What I’m thinking about this song….GHAAAAAAHAHHAAA! AGAIN!!! Montaigne has TONS of fans in the ESC community, and I’ll be damned if I can figure out why. Her 2020 song was at #39 on my countdown last year, and she’s in the same position this year – the only difference is that this year, she doesn’t have two songs below her, she’s at the BOTTOM. I am not a fan of her style, I am not a fan of her writing, I am not a fan of her stage presentation, and I am not a fan of her voice. In short, I’m just not a fan, and it mystifies me that the song IS so huge with ESC fandom. And once again, as I did last year, I have serious doubts about Australia making it through the semi finals – they have made the Grand Final every year since debuting as a guest in 2015, but Montaigne will be lucky to get out of the semi’s with this one as although the fans love it, I don’t think the judges will be on her side…

I know I do this every year but there might be those of you who are not familiar with EuroVision, and if so, you are probably asking the question, “Australia? Exactly HOW are they considered European? How the hell did they get into EuroVision?” Well, as a reward for carrying the contest for years down under, the European Broadcast Union, who runs Eurovision, asked Australia to participate for the 60th anniversary show in 2015. Their showing in the contest thus far has secured them an invite every year since, and the most recent invite will take them through 2023. So although technically NOT a direct member of the EBU, which is normally a requirement for participation, they HAVE been doing extremely well since debuting, landing top ten finishes each of the first three years it’s participated  – a fifth place showing for Guy Sebastian‘s “Tonight Again“, 2015; a damn near topper in runner up “The Sound Of Silence” by Dami Em, 2016 (one of the greatest ESC songs OF ALL TIME, IMHO), and a ninth place showing for “Don’t Come Easy” by Isaiah in 2017. They stumbled a bit in 2018, falling out of the top ten with “We’ve Got Love” by Jessica Mauboy, which finished in 20th place, but came roaring back with the operatic “Zero Gravity” by Kate Heidke-Miller, the first winner of the then-brand-new “Eurovision – Australia Decides” national finals, in 2019 – she finished 9th. Thus far, Australia, officially the newest country to debut in the contest with the exception of a national name change (North Macedonia), has yet to miss a final, but this year…methinks they may not be so lucky…ye gods…

Here’s the official music video for “Techincolour” – check it out….

And a bonus – the video of the entry from the cancelled 2020 contest, “Don’t Break Me”…

Join The Kirkham Report throughout the next 39 days as I bring you the 2021 entries, a look at the 2020 cancelled contest, and more, plus after and during the countdown, the latest updates on this year’s ESC and all the craziness that surrounds this contest every year!

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