PASSAGES: Benny Mardones, 1946-2020, two-time “One Hit wonder”

He will forever be known as a one-hit wonder….twice. With the SAME SONG.

Singer/songwriter Benny Mardones passed away today after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease; he was 73 years old. Although he recorded his share of music over the years, and also wrote songs for other artists including Brenda Lee and Chubby Checker, he is perhaps best known as one of the few acts to hit the Billboard Hot 100 twice with the same song.

Released in 1980, his hit “Into The Night” remains an early 80’s classic and is fondly remembered by fans, and it hit #11 on the Billboard chart that year. In 1989, after the song played during a “Where are they now?” feature on an Arizona radio station, influential DJ Scott Shannon started playing the song again on his daily show, it spread to radio across the country, and the label re-issued the song as a single again as a result. Within weeks, it hit the Hot 100 again, peaking at #20 the second time around. He included a rerecorded version of the song on his 1989 self-titled album for Curb Records. Except for his classic song, Mardones never hit the Hot 100 again, making him that rarest of rare one-hit wonder.

He is survived by his third wife, Jane, and a song that holds a fond spot in many fans’ hearts. He will be missed.

Here’s the original music video for that classic song: