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A lesson learned well: for RSD via online ordering, patience is a virtue…

So…once again this year, despite the fact that things are a little better out there and I am fully vaccinated, I decided to go the mail order route again for both Record Store Day 2021 drops. And I made a discovery: you do NOT have to get up and go stand in line to grab the hottest titles. You just have to have the patience for the time it takes for them to arrive in the mail. I got nearly everything I thought about picking up this year, including ALL of my MUST HAVE picks from BOTH RSD drops by

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Memo to digital stars: you NEED physical media to get the old school crowd.

Hey guys, as you well know I’m a huge fan of MUSIC. I enjoy music in all formats – LP, CD, CS, MP3, etc. But there are those fans out there – they’ve been at this for close to if not longer than I have – who have a strict rule: “If it’s not on (LP, CD, etc), I won’t listen to it.” Yes I do know that’s a very close-minded attitude to have in this age of digital music. But it’s also NOT a bad adage to live by, IF it pushes artists who only do digital to widen

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TKR on YouTube – TC will be appearing on “Cocktails & Vinyl” Tonight!

Hi all! I will be guesting on my friend Adam’s vinyl series “Cocktails & Vinyl” this evening! This is an ongoing series where Adam welcomes guests from the Record Krate community in to talk about collecting. I will be joining two of my fellow collectors, Shawn D and Kurt Johnson, in the discussion – collectively, we are known as the “Darn Brothers”, a nickname given to us by another community member who noticed that on Adam’s regular live sales if we were interested in the same item, whomever didn’t make it in on time would usually exclaim “Darn it!” The

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