I started making my own weekly charts in the summer of my 15th year – FORTY years ago, yikes! – one of the greatest musical summers EVER – the summer of 1978. For fifteen years, I kept my weekly chart going, always interested in sharing my interests with other musical fans.

The #1 song on TKR’s very first “Top 20 Weekly” chart in June 1978 was “King Tut” by Steve Martin. And since then, there’s been no looking back. I will be bringing these classic charts online over the course of the next few months. Because many of them (OK, ALL of them) are handwritten, they have to be manually edited and posted, so it will take me a while to get them all redone and uploaded here. I’ve decided to have a little fun with them, so when they’re posted you’ll see designs that reflect the times they were originally done, like they were radio playlists that I sent out to the masses. Also, as I’ve noted elsewhere on the site, I currently am missing the first 18 months of my charts; they’ve been misplaced somewhere, but I WILL track them down (hopefully), so when I start loading them, for right now, they will begin with the first chart of 1980.