TC Kirkham has been a music fan since the age of three, which means he has over half a century of experience when it comes to knowing his music, radio, records, and other things as well. He is also a film critic for the long running podcast Subject:CINEMA, also serving as the webmaster of PNRNetworks, of which TKR is the primary music site.

Welcome to the NEW PNR Radio Network!

WE’RE BAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!! It took nearly EIGHT FRIGGIN’ MONTHS, but we’re finally ready to launch our brand new PNR Radio Network site! The site’s look will continue to evolve as I get used to the new interfaces, builder concept and such, but we’ve got plenty of things going on already, and more will be coming shortly! WHAT’S CHANGED? Well, what HASN’T changed? LOL! Seriously, now that we’ve overhauled things, we can do so much more than every before.  Just take a look at what we’ve got planned: PNR Radio is now powered by Spotify!   After over a decade of being affiliated

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