Countdown To Eurovision 2022 – It’s CRUNCH TIME – #27-13

OK folks – it’s crunch time! I apologize for not being able to give my usual attention to Eurovision coverage this year on the site – things have been hectic, and I have so many things going. But I want to make sure we get them all in!

So….Today, with the contest just about 36 hours away from starting, I need to kick into high gear. Rather than trying to do a separate write up as I usually do, I am going to do a simple piece covering each song left. I’ve done full writeups for my personal choice countdown from 40-28 already. Today will cover my countdown from 27-13, and tomorrow morning I will post my top “douze points” songs for the contest. Remember, these are MY choices, and why I have put each song where it is – opinions vary greatly in the ESC fan community, so your mileage may vary!


27. Israel – I.M – Michael Ben David

It’s not that I don’t like this song – I do. But I do think lyrically it’s too similar to other recent entries. It’s visually pretty good, and Ben David is talented out the wazoo – he reminds me a lot of Vasil from the past two years. But the song, while good, is just not original enough for my tastes. Not sure how it’s gonna do – it has some pockets of huge support but others have shown a lot of ambivalence about it…

26. Albania – Sekret – Ronela Hajati

Without a doubt, the video for this song is very creative and cool, and the song is also interesting in a lot of ways. I am just not bowled over by it. I do like it, and it could go either way with the fans – it seems to be in the middle of the pack with most people I’ve seen, and that’s how it is with me. I’m usually a sucker for Albania – they always produce interesting songs, and this is no exception. This year, however, there is a lot of better stuff out there. To me, at least.

25. Ireland – That’s Rich – Brooke

I have to admit, I don’t get all the huge support this song seems to have. It’s a good song, but not great. Brooke is definitely a talented young woman, and the song isn’t terrible, it just covers territory lyrically already done better by Netta (2018) and Destiny (2021). I guess I’m getting bored with the lyrical theme here. I’m also not a huge fan of the video – the song is better and deserves a better video, and maybe I would have liked it better if they’d done something else visually, I don’t know.

24. Finland – Jezebel – The Rasmus

Ok, I like this song a lot – but I hate Hate HATE the video – this video is absolutely TERRIBLE. The Rasmus obviously have talent, and I really like the song itself – it has a lyrically interesting story, and I like the way the band uses layers of different instrumentation. I also like the lead singer’s voice. They remind me a lot of the countries’ entry last year, Blind Channel, but without the rage; same kind of hard hitting lyrics, but with more of a melody. I wish I liked the video better, but it’s just BAD all the way around…

23. Moldova – Trenuletul – Zdob si Zdub & Fratil Advahov

Total honesty – I have utterly LOATHED both of Zdob si Zdub’s previous two entries in ESC – I just didn’t think they were very good. However, that said, I really get a kick out of this one! It’s so utterly off the wall from everything else entered this year, with it’s traditional theming and sound, and the video is outright hilarious! They managed to charm me in the five minutes of the video, all for taking a train trip. I didn’t expect it. Will it make the finals? I have a feeling…yeah, it will. It’s just too out there not to…and the band has a HUGE ESC fan following…

22. Germany – Rockstars – Malik Harris

As one of the “big Five”, Germany gets an auto pass to the finals. I wish I could get all the hatred some pockets of fans have for this song, because I like this quite well. Harris is a likable presence in the video, and the song is very introspective, filled with love and regret, and the rap works as well. I’m not sure how it will do – judging from the general fan response, not really well, most likely – but I think it deserves better than it’s getting…

21. United Kingdom – Space Man – Sam Ryder

OMG – did the UK FINALLY hit one out of the ballpark or WHAT? They HAD to, after getting the first “Nul points” score in over a DECADE in 2021, and they picked a real winner this year. Someone online called this song a tribute to the film “Danny Deckchair”, which I found absolutely HILARIOUS. And for once, the UK seems to have HUGE fan support for this song. There are songs I like better, though, so this one is still in the middle of the pack for me this year. But Sam Ryder is an artist I’m going to keep my eye on; I love his voice, I love his sound, and I think I’m going to stay a huge fan of his for the foreseeable future…and I LOVE IT when ESC gives me someone I can be a long-term fan of…

20. Armenia – Snap – Rosa Linn

OK, we go from a regular chair to a whole HOUSE floating in the air…this is such a beautiful little song. Linn’s voice is beautiful, and she has a style I tend to love anyway. I love the way she sends the house into the air to get away from her failed relationship, even though she doesn’t really want let go of it. The video is a masterpiece, one of my favorites this year. I really want to see her do well, and although I like a lot of other songs just a little better, I wouldn’t be unhappy to see her in the top ten at the end of the contest…

19. Croatia – Guilty Pleasure – Mia Dimsic

Ok, try to forget the goofy choreography from the National finals and just listen to the song. I love Dimsic’s voice, and this song is really pretty, although the sentiment – that you’re basically the “other woman” in many ways for your man – isn’t positive, I like the way the song deals with it. The video helped raise this song up in my eyes. I’m gonna keep my eyes on Dimsic in the future, as I really love her voice, and I like what she’s produced here, quite a bit actually…

18. Italy – Brividi – Mahmood and BLANCO

Ok, I guess I’m alone here – the fandom has been BLOWING UP about Blanco’s participation on this song, and I’m not sure why; not being a native, I guess I’m not getting it. I think Mahmood and Blanco make a stellar team. And I also think a lot of Mahmood’s fans are still harboring resentment for his 2nd place lost to Duncan Laurence in 2019 because “Soldi” was such a powerful song. But also don’t think this song deserves the dumping on it’s getting in certain corners of the fandom community either. the pair have fantastic harmony with each other, and I think people aren’t giving this song enough of a chance. It has an auto bye to the finals, so we’ll have to see what happens.

17. Belgium – Miss You – Jeremie Makiese

Belgium usually has a huge fan following, so of course, when they finally produce something really awesome, the ESC fandom can’t stand it. But this song is AWESOME from beginning to end. Makiese’s voice is incredible – he’s able to handle the smoothness that the verses call for, and then really cut loose during the chorus. Again, this is a song I think is getting dumped on a little too much. I think it should be getting more respect, but from the fandom’s reaction, I have my doubts about its chances to get out of the semis…

16. Latvia – Eat Your Salad – Citi Zeni

There are several songs this year that are just “out there” in so many ways, and this is one of them. Some fans really love it (raises hand) while others really hate it (my wife’s hand goes up). And lyrically, it’s not really compatible with ESC’s “family” audience. but OMG the video, with its “Dating Game” parody, is roll-on-the-floor hilarious, and the song itself, which equates “eat your salad” with “have hot sex” (!), is catchy and earwormy, and it’s no surprise to me that it’s caught on with a large portion of the fandom…it’s just FUN…the kind of fun ESC is supposed to be…although I can imagine parents will be a bit nonplussed – or even HORRIFIED – to have an 8 year old singing the chorus around the house, as is bound to happen somewhere…LOL!

15. Iceland – Meo Hakkandi So – Systur

OK, this has GOT to be tough – trying to followup two years of the insane, uber-talented genius known as Dadi Freyr. What are you gonna do? But in all honesty, they’ve done a great job here. This act, who are indeed sisters, have some incredible harmonies, and they remind me a lot of OG3NE from a few years ago – their sound is good, I love what they’ve done with the song, and I think they’re more than a worthy successor to the genius of Freyr. Will they do well? I don’t know – the fan reaction has been muted, but I’m sorry, this is way way WAY better than Portugal’s song, which is blowing up lately…way more life here than there…

14. Norway – Give That Wolf A Banana – Subwoolfer

One of the countries that always has HUUUUGE fan support, this year they deserve it – in spades. This is by far one of the most original entries in the contest this year from sound to song to costuming. To be honest, my wife CANNOT STAND it, but I love it and if I were a radio programmer somewhere, I would be ALL OVER THIS SONG. It’s hilarious and fun, has an earwormy chorus just begging for people to be singing it on the train somewhere, and the costuming and feel of the song is just AWESOME. The successors to Daft Punk are here..and they are Subwoolfer!

13. Spain – SloMo – Chanel

This year’s real “sex all over the place” song, this is hot from beginning to end. I love the beat, I love the video, I love Chanel’s vocals, and with an auto bye to the finals as one of the big five, this one is going to do well – it could be in the top five easily. Fans are all over this song, and they deserve to be – it’s just fantastic from beginning to end.

Ok, as the dress rehearsals (and Jury voting) for semi-final one gets underway today, I will be finishing up my list, and tomorrow morning, I will bring you my top 12 songs from ESC 2022!

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