Countdown to Eurovision 2022: #32 – Romania

#32 – Romania
Songwriters: Andrei Ursu, Cezar Gună, Alexandru Turcu, Costel Dominteanu

The Kirkham Report welcomes you to my coverage of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest!  From April 3 to the end of the contest on May 14, I’ll be here with all the latest ESC news and info, and of course, that means I’m also bringing you all the info on each song this year ranked in order of my personal preference from bottom to top. I’ll give the reasons for my personal rankings, and some background info on the song, artist, songwriters, and such.  Again, these are MY opinions, and I realize that the ESC fan community is a rabid one, and rarely everyone agrees with everyone else, so as they say, your mileage may vary.

There are 40 countries participating this year, up from 39 in 2021 – Armenia and Montenegro return to the contest after taking 2021 off, while Russia has been excluded this year due to their incursion on the sovereign state of Ukraine;  Belarus was disqualified in 2021 for three years because of rules violations on their song entry, that runs through 2023.

In at #32 this year is the official entry from Romania, “Llamame” by WRS. It is performed in English, with two lines in the chorus performed in Spanish. It will be performed 13th in the second semifinal on May 12.

Andrei-Ionuț Ursu, known by his professional name WRS, has been interested in music for most of his life, and his interest was encouraged by his parents, both Romanian folk dancers. He began his career in 2015 in the boy band Shot, but left the group after two years, and headed to London to write and perform as a solo act.

What I’m thinking about this song…the song has a very catchy beat, and I loved the look of the National Finals performance, but overall, it’s stuck in the middle of the pack with a ton of other songs. Other than the jarring sensation of the chorus being performed in Spanish with the rest of the song performed in English, there’s nothing really unique to make it stand out amongst the large number of competitors here…it’s pretty basic, standard Eurovision fare…something you see every year…

Romania made their debut in Eurovision in 1994, but due to various reasons, they have only participated 21 times as of 2022. They have not been able to capture a Grand Final win as yet, but have finished as high as third place, which they have managed twice, in 2005 and 2010. Romania has also managed to make every final each year they’ve participated since the semi-final round was introduced in 2004 until 2018, when they just missed the final, finishing their semi-final in 11th place; they failed to qualify in 2019 as well as in 2021, with “Amnesia” by Roxen, which despite a rabid fan following only managed  to finish 12th in it’s semi final…

Here’s the official music video for “Llamame”  – check it out…

Join The Kirkham Report throughout the next few weeks as I bring you the 2022 entries, and more, plus after and during the countdown, the latest updates on this year’s ESC and all the craziness that surrounds this contest every year! Because of some personal issues, I am WAYYY behind right now on the countdown, but I promise I will be caught up in time to conclude my countdown next Sunday!

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