Out with the old, in with the new…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Hey all, I’m so sorry things just kinda went dark here in mid-September. I didn’t even do my annual Junior Eurovision coverage because of a bunch of issues in real life, I am so sorry about that. Things are finally settling down, and I’m able to get stock of things.

However, it is the end of the year, and I will be starting the new year with a BANG!

In addition to a slightly redesigned site logo, which made it’s debut a few weeks ago, I have also added TKR Video Central, the TKR YouTube channel, to the sidebar courtesy of a great new widget I found. The nine most recent videos are there right now, and all you have to do is click on them, and they’ll open a play window right there!  I’m sure I’ll be tweaking this a few times over the next few weeks, as I begin to debut a series of new shows on the channel. I will not be posting these individual videos as article entries any more, although I will do a weekly list of what’s premiered, starting next weekend.

Beginning January 1 2022, TKR Video Central will be changing a lot – instead of random videos every now and then, we’ll have a regular schedule of shows to offer up.

First up, the launch of “The Kirkham Report”, a magazine-style show that will pull all the various elements I’ve been doing on the site for the past 18 months under one roof, stuff like unboxings, topical news, Eurovision and American Song Contest coverage, and such, and it will have some special features as well, and will premiere every Saturday afternoon at 5 PM US Eastern time. I expect episodes will generally run between 25-45 minutes each week.

Three other new shows are debuting next week as well.

“Influencers” is a new show where I will talk about one artist each show, and how they’ve influenced my love for music over the years, and look at what I have by that artist in my collection and what I think of it. It will be available every Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern time.

Then there’s “Off The Charts”, where I’ll take a particular question or topic and see what the charts have to say. My vast library of chart books covering Billboard, Cashbox, Record World, and Radio And Records, plus some from the UK, Canada, and individual radio stations across the world, will help me pull together all kinds of interesting factoids for this show. It will be posted Thursdays at 4 PM Eastern time.

Finally, there’s “The Groove Line”, which is a music and information show that I’m gonna have lots of fun doing. The goal – to bring some new music to the people who listen, and have fun doing it along the way. Done in tandem with Anchor and Spotify, you will need to be a Spotify Premium member to hear the entire show; non-premium members can still listen but you’ll only get 30 seconds of each song. And that would be a shame, since I have so much great music to share with you! This show will post every Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern on Anchor/Spotify ONLY – it will NOT be available on the TKR YouTube channel.

One new mini-show already launched in November. That’s “TC’s Obscuria Vaults“, a daily dip into my oddball music collection! Each weekday, I will have a different song, with all manners of factoids hitting the screen Pop Up-style. Some of the songs will be old favorites, some might sound familiar, and some you may have never heard before, but ALL of them will be fun to listen to!  The show posts every Monday-Friday at 11 AM Eastern – and I take requests! Please leave suggestions in the comments section for songs you might like to see featured, and if I use them, you’ll get a shoutout in that day’s video!

Another new show, “Rank This!” is coming soon, where I rank songs, albums, artists, etc – day and time, and premiere date to be announced in the future! This actually isn’t “new” per se, but a revival of the show I did back in 2018 for a little while.

And the mother of all mini-series is still coming – the things going on in November and December didn’t leave me time to finish it as I had hoped to be premiering it this week. But it’s still coming…my massive “Summer of ’78” miniseries is still in the works and right now, if all goes as planned, watch for it to premiere Memorial Day weekend! 10 parts, 100 songs, all about one of the most important periods of music in my lifetime, and why EVERYONE should feel that way as well! Updates on it soon – stay tuned to TKR and the weekly TKR video show on YouTube to keep in the know!

I’m also working on a couple more things – a live streaming show about everything pop culture that my wife Kim and I will be doing together, aiming for a March premiere and hopefully airing on both TKR Video Central and our PNRNetworks channel as well. And I have something else really special in mind, but I can’t get into it yet, as the logistics are still being planned, and times and such figured out. But I’ll have news of this second exciting project coming soon!

So there you have it! 2022 is going to be an exciting year, and I hope everyone will enjoy it! If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to subscribe to TKR Video Central on YouTube, and spread the word so people will find it and join up as well. My sub count is still fairly low, but hopefully, with all the new stuff planned, we’ll be able to see those numbers climb all year long!

See you in 2022! Get vaccinated if you haven’t already, get boosted if you have, stay safe, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!