A lesson learned well: for RSD via online ordering, patience is a virtue…

So…once again this year, despite the fact that things are a little better out there and I am fully vaccinated, I decided to go the mail order route again for both Record Store Day 2021 drops. And I made a discovery: you do NOT have to get up and go stand in line to grab the hottest titles. You just have to have the patience for the time it takes for them to arrive in the mail.

I got nearly everything I thought about picking up this year, including ALL of my MUST HAVE picks from BOTH RSD drops by simple perseverance. It was a little tougher on the first drop, because my first stop – always our own Newbury Comics – had some issues with my ordering form, and wouldn’t process my full order from them. I had to wait, go back in an hour later, and pick up the ones they still had. Which was less than half of what I was originally going to purchase from them.

But lo and behold – my patience paid off. As I sullenly went through the various retailers I usually use later in the day, I noticed that more and more of the titles I wanted were popping up as available again. And a light bulb went off in my head – if I persevere, have patience, and do some scavenging, I can make this work. And I don’t have to get up at the asscrack of dawn and go stand in line to do it.

And so that’s what I did…

That first drop, by Monday afternoon, I got ALL of my “Must have” picks, two of which had quantities available of less than 1000 copies. Second drop, I also got ALL of my “must have” picks, even though two of them were incredibly popular and going for three to four times the price they were supposed to from flippers on Discogs before the 1 PM sale time even started.

Both times, I spread the wealth around, and figured out who I could depend on when it came to random titles from Discogs sellers. And I picked up my titles from Newbury Comics, as well as other trusted indie stores in Manhattan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, and Idaho.

For drop #2 I was ready. I went to Newbury Comics first, having warned them about the glitch I had the month before via Twitter, and hoped for the best. And the best was right – despite it being gone everywhere (or so everyone was saying online), I snagged “Hail Satin” by the “Dee Gees” aka Foo Fighters, along with the very limited Lindsey Stirling EP “Lose You Now” and the one thing I wasn’t sure I could afford, the marvelous box set “The Vinyl 1970-1975” by War; turned out it wasn’t nearly as much as I was thinking it could be.

OK, so then after those were done, I hit Discogs – I was very worried on missing out on one of the ones I really really REALLY wanted, “Impressions” by Mayer Hawthorne; I knew the quantity was limited to 500 and Newbury didn’t have it. Just to be safe, I found a seller on Discogs and picked it up to make sure I could get it. And it was at the proper price too. Then, it was time to wait a little while, to give stores time to put their stock on line. At around 4 PM, I hit  the website of the always awesome Spin Me Round Records and picked up the Suzi Quatro live album. And then at 8 PM, I jumped into the queue for Rough Trade‘s site and picked up my remaining picks, “Songs From ‘Harold and Maude‘” by Cat Stevens and Ennio Morricone‘s “Blue Eyed Bandit” soundtrack, which was one of my “hoped for” titles, but not a must have like the DeeGees, Mayer Hawthorne, Lindsey Stirling, War, Suzi Quatro, and Cat Stevens had been. And I COULD have waited on the Mayer Hawthorne too – by some miracle Spin Me Round had some available when I picked up the Suzi Quatro, but I’d already purchased it elsewhere (yes, in a PANIC – I LOVE MH and did NOT want to miss out on that disc!) (and PS #2 – Spin Me Round got stuck with a SHIT TON of the Shawn Cassidy album, “Wasp” produced by Todd Rundgren – still haven’t figured out WHY this was even coming out as an RSD title, as I have an OG of the album, and, it’s…um…not good –  so if you’re in the market for it, hit them up at http://spinmeroundstore.com!”)

All of my drop two Must Haves were purchased – YAY! And I didn’t stop there.

On Sunday night, my pal Adam at Record Krate had the last two Bobbie Gentry albums he still had in stock on his live sale, so I grabbed that one, and today, I also grabbed the reissue of Donna Summer‘s classic 1979 album “Bad Girls” through his website.

All in all, the only thing I sort of wanted but didn’t get was the 1960 “Oceans 11” soundtrack reissue. And I’m not terribly broken up about it – I chose to pass when I decided it was a bit too pricey for the type of reissue it was.

SO…now I know. It IS possible to find most of what you want online…you just have to be willing to take the time to research and stake out your sites beforehand. That’s what I did…and I’ve got a goldmine of stuff heading my way…can’t wait…heh heh