TKR on YouTube – TC will be appearing on “Cocktails & Vinyl” Tonight!

Hi all! I will be guesting on my friend Adam’s vinyl series “Cocktails & Vinyl” this evening!

This is an ongoing series where Adam welcomes guests from the Record Krate community in to talk about collecting. I will be joining two of my fellow collectors, Shawn D and Kurt Johnson, in the discussion – collectively, we are known as the “Darn Brothers”, a nickname given to us by another community member who noticed that on Adam’s regular live sales if we were interested in the same item, whomever didn’t make it in on time would usually exclaim “Darn it!”

The livestream begins around 8:10 pm Eastern this evening – please come by and say hi in the chat, we’ll all be happy to see you!

POST SHOW UPDATE: Damn this was FUNNNNNN!  I love blowing people’s minds with the goofy stuff in my collection, and tonight was no exception. Adam, Kurt, and Shawn are three of the most knowledgable collectors I’ve ever met – I keep telling Shawn he needs to start doing master classes on all the topics he knows about, LOL! Last night, he got into the deep gritty details of Columbia Records’ deadwax numbering process and how a lot more of the labels’ records are first pressings than most collectors think they are, and it was fascinating and highly educational – I am utterly fascinated by this kind of thing, and would gladly take classes from him any day to make myself a better collector. And ironically he’s the youngest of the “Darn Brothers”, both Kurt and I are mostly into collecting for the music. I never even knew about the deadwax stuff until I joined the VC last year and it’s been a hell of a trip finding out all this stuff and trying to make sense of all of it!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as I did being on it – let me know what you think of it by dropping me a line or posting a comment on the show’s page!