They’re BAAAAACCCCKKKKK! Check out the trailer from the all-new “Animaniacs”!

“Boingy Boingy Boingy!”

When it was first announced about two years ago that Steven Spielberg was mounting a revival of the cult-hit animated series “Animaniacs“, Kim and I were happy…but concerned.

You see, the original series, which ran from 1993-1998, was a favorite, not just of ours, but of all our friends. We have a friend who regularly invokes the voice and expressions of Pinky, and she’s HELLA GOOD at it. We met Jess Harnell at a signing at our local Warner Brothers store in Peabody – that is, back when they still had WB stores, they’re long defunct now. We still regularly quote characters from the show.  We know all the cool songs. We all have the entire series on DVD. We watched the reruns on TV, first on Netflix, then on Hulu. We are, in a word, geeks for the show. We loved it, and still do.

But as the time went on, and we learned that the original cast was coming back – at the INSISTENCE of Mr. Spielberg – and that many of the people who were involved in the making of those glorious original 99 episodes would be back in some capacity where possible, we started to feel a little better about it. Rob Paulsen would still be voicing Yakko and Pinky, Tress MacNeill would still be voicing Dot, Jess Harnell would still be the voice of Wakko, Maurice LaMarche would still be voicing Brain, and so on – well, we began to feel more comfortable.

Two weeks ago, during the panel for the voice actors at New York Comic Con, they released a teaser clip. A “Jurassic Park” parody with Spielberg in the Richard Attenborough role. And we knew the chances were growing that this WAS GOING TO WORK.

Yesterday, the Warner sibs’ new home, Hulu, dropped the first trailer – and it is frigging GLORIOUS! Now, it’s not ALL perfect – there seems to be no presence of some of the show’s most popular second-level characters, like Slappy and Skippy Squirrel, Chicken Boo, or the Goodfeathers. And they’re only doing 13 new episodes per season, but they have a two-season commitment. And it’s already obvious that the same irreverence for EVERYTHING from the original series was going to be an integral part of the new series.

The first new episodes in 22 years debut on Hulu on November 20 – we don’t know yet if Hulu will be dropping all 13 at once or whether they’ll be doing a week by week thing, but they’re into the whole “binge” culture, so my guess is all at once – and we’re planning something SPECIAL for that night, so keep your calendars clear. But until then, here’s the official trailer…WELCOME BACK YAKKO, WAKKO, DOT, PINKY, and BRAIN – WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!