I’ve never really been able to get involved with the craziness of Record Store Day other than helping to hype and promote the hell out of it; usually I’m broke or working. Normally held on the third Saturday in April each year since 2008, with a mini-version on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) each year since 2010, the pandemic has kind of screwed them up in a major way this year, as it has so many things. The idea behind the day is to promote local record stores, and hundreds of them participate in the limited releases that are targeted to collectors each year on that special day.

The past several years have brought titles I was interested in, but never had the time or ability (or money) to participate. A lot of the exclusives are a bit pricey, and that’s because they’re made to be listenable AND collectable – most releases are extremely limited and are numbered, many printed on specially designed vinyl colors, and many come with delightful extras.

So…this year, I decided to make a list of the titles I personally would be interested in obtaining for my collection, and ones I would enjoy listening to. The chances are not great that I will get to a record store on the days in question – they’re doing three different days to make up for pandemic issues – but nevertheless, I will keep my eyes out for the following RSD releases…and as you will see, I generally opt for the oddball titles, not the ones that the average record collection rocker is going to go for, which might work out in my favor at some point, heh heh…

August 29 2020

Def Leppard – “Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame” – 4000 copies

Da Leps have always been my all-time favorite band, and this 12″ EP captures their live performance when they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last year. With special guests Brian May (who inducted them) and Ian Hunter on the live performance of “All The Young Dudes“, this is going to be one of my “grails” in the near future, I can already tell…

k.d. lang – “Angel With A Lariat” and “Drag” – 3000 copies each

Lang became a favorite vocalist of mine with the release of her 1992 album “Ingenue” (talk about an album I have played TO DEATH over the years…), and both of these releases on vinyl sound spectacular. “Lariat” was her first release, with her then-band The Reclines, and is being released by Sire on translucent red vinyl, while “Drag“, her 1997 album of mostly classic smoking songs (there are a few general addiction songs too), is coming out for the first time on vinyl from Warner Brothers, on “smoky’ vinyl (whatever that means).  I believe I have “Drag” on CD somewhere, but both of these on vinyl, with Lang’s incredible voice front and center, would be AWESOME…

Philip Glass – “The Essential” – 1500 copies

I’m probably going to have to leave this on the side, but this 5-LP collection of Glass’ various compositions would be fantastic to have…I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit pricey to begin with, and a secondary market purchase would be mindblowingly high…but I can dream…


Brandi Carlisle – “A Rooster Says” – 10,000 copies

Of all this year’s releases, I have a pretty good chance of snagging this 12″ single of Carlisle’s covers of Soundgarden classics “Black Hole Sun” and “Searching With My Good Eye Closed“; she considers the band one of her major influences as a musician, and coming from the same area (Carlisle is a native of Maple Valley, southeast of Seattle), this grunge tribute is going to be fantastic. She is also the 2020 RSD ambassador, which is probably why the pressing number is higher than usual.

Fleetwood Mac – “The Alternate Rumours” – 16,000 copies

I will probably have a decent chance to snag this as well. I think EVERYONE from my generation has a copy of the classic “Rumours” in their collection (or if they don’t, they should have). This version is made of the same titles, mirroring the order of the original,  but consisting of alternate takes not used on the original album, taken from the deluxe edition of the album released a few years ago, and many never before available on vinyl. Should be interesting for sure.

OCTOBER 24 2020

Philip Glass – “Koyaanisqatsi – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” – 1500 copies

ARRRRGH! This is the one title I REALLY WANT from this year’s releases – the first full-length score release on vinyl EVER! “Koyaanisqatsi” is a true classic, one of my all-time favorite films (see it on the biggest screen you can whenever possible), and the music from Glass is absolutely mesmerizing. Various versions of the music have been released on vinyl and CD before, but the COMPLETE score has never been issued on vinyl, only a truncated version when the film came out in 1982. Complete with a collectors-edition gatefold cover featuring artwork from the film secured from our very own Harvard Film Archive, who now owns the library of films from director Godfrey Reggio, I know this one is going to be nearly impossible to get my hands on, but DAMMIT, I WANT THIS ALBUM!!!

“Record Safari” – DVD release – 500 copies

I have a feeling this MAY go into more general release later  – this documentary, made by legendary record collector Alex Rodriguez – he runs the Couchella Record Store every year at that huge festival – is full of cool interviews, footage of great record stores across the land, and more.  Hopefully, I will be able to snag this somewhere, because I’ve been waiting to see the film for quite a while. The soundtrack is also being released the same day, limited to 300 copies, which I’d also love, but which is going to remain out of my hands, I have a feeling…

So out of all the massive cool releases, these are the ones i’m looking forward to the most from the 2020 Record Store Days coming up in the next three months. I don’t know what my chances are, but if anyone out there might have a leg up on grabbing one of these for me at a decent price, get in touch!

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