Man I love bad puns, don’t I? Heh heh…

Over the past week, since I made the decision to incorporated our “Planet BiblioMusica” blog here on TKR, I’ve been thinking about some stuff, and some ideas for some future columns and projects I wanted to do, and how I can make TKR a “must-see” site for music fans like myself. Stuff I would want to look at if I were a fan of music. So in addition to the original bad-pun-titled column from about 18 months ago, this is what I am thinking about…

  • Reintroducing the “Song Of The Day” – from 2007 to 2009, I did a daily “Song Of The Day”. I only stopped doing it because the online MP3 player I was using stopped working with my site. I need to find a new one, and then go back and reactivate all the old SOTD pages (they’re still here, stored away on the site archive), and then relaunch the feature again, because I had a LOT of fun doing that, and it was something that used to actually generate a comment or two, and I was communicating with people and it was so much fun. So much of the stuff I featured wasn’t and isn’t on Spotify, Amazon Music, or any other place either (Sneakers And Lace, anyone?), so hopefully, this will be back sometime before the end of the summer…
  • Introducing a new column called “(Not So) One Hit Wonders – There are a LOT of acts out there, most of which I am a HUUUUGE fan of, that many people think of as one hit wonders, because they only had one BIG hit, and maybe a minor radio hit or two, before fading into obscurity. In many cases, that fadeout on the part of the public was HUGELY unfair, was thanks largely to radio programmers tiring of their music, and I’m going to start spotlighting some of these artists for you. giving you an in-depth look at what you’re missing. Many of them will be familiar to you because of that one big hit, and my goal is to help you discover the rest of the catalog they have. I will try to launch this column on a weekly basis beginning next week.
  • Spotlighting my personal record collection – This is where I think I differ from most collectors. For me, it’s never been about owning the record for the thrill, it’s owning the record because I love the music. Oh, sure, there ARE exceptions to this rule – I collect music by actors who sing, for instance, which is my official excuse for having two albums by Scott Baio in my collection, heh heh (let’s face it, on his BEST day, Scott was only JUST passable as a singer, and that first single, “What Was In That Kiss“, was really REALLY painful…sorry, dude). And I collect albums by Saturday morning TV show groups, like Lancelot Link And The Evolution Revolution (which I FINALLY added to my collection last year), The Bugaloos, The Archies, etc.  And also teen acts from the 1970s, because they were in all the teen magazines (16, Tiger Beat, and their ilk) during my formative years – acts like Leif Garrett, The Keane Brothers, Andy and David Williams, Rene Simard, and the like.  But mostly I have what I have because – I LIKE THE MUSIC. Not for the thrill of the chase, or the big thing about “unboxing” new arrivals (there’s already plenty of YouTube channels devoted to this kind of thing). But I also do love the thrill of the hunt – going into a record store and finding a gem that only I care about. And I want to share that with you, in the hopes you’ll share my excitement.
  • Talking about different aspects of the collecting – This is what Planet BM was all about, and I will continue that foray now that we’ve moved those columns into TKR; trust me, I have PLENTY more to talk about in this area, heh heh. This is about shopping, about adventures therein, about different aspects of collecting – I got quite a few comments on my column on Planet BM a few years ago lamenting the loss of the old vinyl cut-out bins, where I picked up over THREE HUNDRED albums for under $100 one summer (1995 or 86). This is also about highlighting record stores themselves, all the great, mostly mom-and-pop owned stores that cater to music lovers like myself. I’ve spotlighted a couple on Planet BM – “Spinnaker” in Hyannis MA and “Booksmith Musicsmith” in Orleans MA – and there will be more to come, I hope.
  • Spotlighting some other great sites – In my travels on the interwebs over the years, I’ve found a ton of great blogs on the web that have similar interests, and I want to spotlight them so you can find them as well. Plus lately I’ve discovered a TON of YouTube channels that are devoted to record collecting, retail in general, and more, and I want to be able to give you info on those as well. Hey, the more the merrier I always say – this is going to be a huge list of pages, sites, and shows and hopefully you’ll like what you find, and tell others on the list that you found them through TKR/PBM!
  • Continuing to grow our Eurovision/American Song Contest coverage – This may eventually expand into it’s own site (and possibly YouTube channel), but for right now, I am keeping it here. But I have become so entranced (OK…FINE….obsessed) with Eurovision that I want to continue to grow our coverage. So beginning this fall, TKR will greatly expand said coverage, starting with our first ever in-depth coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, scheduled for this November. Then it will be time for the National Finals coverage for those countries who have them as they try to become their countries’ representative for the main ESC in May 2021. And then…America will join the fray, at least they’re supposed to, with the debut of the American Song Contest, which is tentatively set for late summer 2021. It is my goal to become the number one US-based site for ESC/ASC coverage over the next year, to promote what fun surrounds the contest, to hopefully boil that upcoming TERRIBLE Will Ferrell ESC film for Netflix in really stinky oil (can you tell I am totally AGAINST this movie? Especially after seeing the trailer?), and to help get the USA interested in both contests. I STILL think the ASC is going about it the wrong way – it’s a states contest rather than the countries of the Americas – but I want it to succeed nonetheless. And I will be doing my best to help them get there!
  • Bringing back the TKR YouTube shows – I eventually ditched all my countdown shows because I was getting too many (in my view, completely erroneous) copyright hits from the labels. I don’t know how people get away with all the ones that they manage – I guess my clips were too long, but that’s because I want people to get a feel for the music, not because I want to have a problem with copyright. I WILL figure this out and eventually get my weekly chart shows back online, I promise….

There will be more coming along too, but these are the things in the front of my mind at the moment, as well as the things from that original column. I hope you’ll be along for the ride. And if you have any ideas, please feel free to shoot me an email or use the comment form soon making it’s debut here, as I love to hear from music lovers everywhere!

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