TKR welcomes “Planet BiblioMusica” to our fold!

Hi all – it’s been three weeks since Eurovision 2020 finished, and we’ve been doing some reassessing and reevaluating…

When my wife Kim and I started our PNRNetworks sister site Planet BiblioMusica, we had wanted to make it about our personal experiences with book stores and record stores and all the time we spent in them. And also our take on books and music in general.

Unfortunately, real life got in the way, and we haven’t been able to do as much here as we would have liked. So we were talking and we came up with a solution, and it’s one that will also make various coverage we do, particularly our EuroVision coverage, which will ramp up considerably over the next 18 months starting with the Junior Eurovision Song Contest,  at this point in time still scheduled for November, then next year’s ESC in May, followed by the debut of the American Song Contest in summer 2021, much easier.

Effective as of today, our Planet BiblioMusica  is being fully incorporated here at The Kirkham Report as a regular column instead of a full site. And we think it’s going to be a perfect fit!  PlanetBM articles now have their own section on our front page to make them easier to access, and you can get a full view of what we will be doing with our range of coverage of the old book-and-music store entries, and the various ways we’ll be covering all the things that encompass the retail industry, the record industry, and doing so much more with it. The Planet BM site will remain up throughout the end of the summer to help ease the transition.

I’ll be focusing some more of my attention on bringing you the coverage of book and music stores as we originally intended, but with Kim also joining me for the first time on this site, we’ll also be talking about our favorite albums, some of our favorite music, some of our favorite books, and share our vast collections of both with our readers. Plus you’ll get the extensive coverage I have planned for TKR, including expanding the site itself, introducing (or rather re-introducing) my “Song Of The Day” feature, hopefully adding some exciting new features to help you discover new music, plus the return of the weekly TKR charts as soon as I can catch them up again. and of course, TKR’s massive list of awesome Spotify playlists for you to hopefully follow and enjoy, and the massive music digitization and “Missing Years” TKR Charts projects I first mentioned about 18 months ago, which I am in the first stages of launching as I write this.  Plus, I’m also thinking about re-adding “real” internet radio again instead of just the playlists, because I miss the interaction and actually programming a station with great music for listeners to discover. We’re also going to greatly increase our use of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram resources as well, so you will want to subscribe to those if you haven’t already.

You will also see our TKR music coverage expanding to  highlight some other great websites, YouTube channels, and such about the same subjects, and we will be introducing a “Planet BiblioMusica” podcast before too long. And we’ll link as always to a variety of services that serve the average music fan or record collector and hopefully you’ll find lots of cool ways to keep yourself informed on the music world.

As noted above,  I have already copied our past stories and features from the full site to our new “Planet BiblioMusica” area here on the TKR site to begin a smooth transition, and I sincerely hope you’ll continue to follow our coverage here, keep reading our thoughts about the world of book and record stores and how much it meant to us. and still does. AND….contribute your stories and memories as well.

It’s going to be fun and exciting and new and we’ll all have a blast!  And we hope you’ll keep coming over to Planet BM’s new home here at The Kirkham Report on a regular basis and keep having fun with us, and discover a lot more cool features as well!


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