Rolling Stone launches new daily and weekly charts

Well, earlier this year, Rolling Stone magazine announced it was going to take on Billboard and launch its own chart system, and that day has come to pass! The Rolling Stones Charts section made it’s debut on July 1.

The Rolling Stone Charts are a group of charts, most updated daily and summarized weekly, that track both singles tracks and album sales, the top 500 artists, the top trending songs, and the top breakthrough artists.

Some of the charts are done on a daily basis – those tracking sales and play – and other are updated on a weekly or monthly basis, such as the Artist 500 and breakthrough artists.

It’s going to be interesting as RS attempts to take on the king of the hill; Billboard has been around since the late 1800s, and has been the “gold standard” for music charts at least since 1955, when the “Best Sellers In Stores” chart – now known as the Billboard Hot 100 – debuted. Billboard had competition for a number of years, most notably Cashbox, Record World, and Radio & Records, all of which were defunct (or in the case of R&R, bought out by Billboard) by the end of the 1990s.

We’ll have a link to the main charts in the new “ChartStreet” sidebar, which will launch this weekend, until then, check out the link above!

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