Yes, I know…TERRIBLE pun…but also irresistible…heh heh heh…

As of earlier this week, the TKR Classic Charts have concluded posting for now. You can now access full weekly charts from 1980 through 1993, warts and all, and I urge you to read my write-ups for each year, and send comments and memories of some of the songs listed.  I am still hoping beyond hope that the charts from 1978 and 1979 will turn up somewhere…I am beginning to fear they may be lost, but hopefully not…

I have also recently posted a page in the “Classic Charts” section called “The TKR Number Ones”, a complete list of all the songs I consider to be #1 hits on TKR from 1970 through 1993. And this weekend, I will start to post the year- end charts for each year; they were stored separately and I was finally able to dig them up this week. I will also debut a brand new TKR Playtion devoted to the #1 songs – it’s already done, and I’ll have a new TKR Number Ones button for this Playtion up this weekend!

I have also launched a new section called “Memory Lane”, where I’ll post other items of interest. First up and already online is an article from the Boston Globe about DiscJockey.Com, and my interview with trade magazine “Hitmakers” that I did when I was DiscJockey’s PD in 1999. Next up will be scans of my small collection of department and record store charts picked up at various locations during the 70s and 80s. Again, like my charts, most of them are marked up in some way, but I thought it would still be interesting for everyone to see them. And after that, I also have a collection of record reviews from various Laufer publications in the 1970s – this was the company that published Tiger Beat, Tiger Beat Spectacular, Fave!, and other teen magazines. Some of the reviews are really interesting, and all are designed to get teens to purchase music.

And that’s not all going on right now either.

I will now begin catching up the current charts, and I intend to have all the current charts caught up and back online on a weekly basis again beginning the first weekend in July (cross your fingers!), and I will get them posted as time allows between now and then as each week is caught up.

And then…I will be undertaking two massive projects that will each take longer time frames – a year or more – to get finished.

The first project is the TKR Digitization Project. Beginning in July, I will be digitizing all of my vinyl and cassettes, and all of Kim’s vinyl and cassettes, so that they can be used and listened to once again. As part of this project, I am registering my entire collection with the Discogs service, and will eventually have a complete list of my entire collection up online for readers and music lovers to take a gander through. The planned timeframe for total digitization of the TKR library is eighteen months – I hope to have this project completed by December 31, 2020.

And the other project is something that’s near and dear to my heart, and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And having spent the last three weeks or so scanning and posting the classic charts, I want to do it more than ever now. And because I have notebook upon notebook full of notes, and tons of reference books and magazines to aid me, I have decided to undertake the most massive project I’ve ever attempted – I’m calling it “The TKR Missing Years Project”. It is my intent to finally fill in the missing years of the TKR charts. This will be an incredibly HUGE project – it means i am going to go back in time starting in November 1993 and bring my charts fully up to the present day – nearly 26 YEARS of charts will have to be made, and scrutinized, and notes will have to be precise and concise, so that by the time my project conclusion date of March 15 2023 rolls around just slightly less than four years from now, I will be able to celebrate my next milestone birthday – my 60th – by having a complete set of 45 years worth of TKR charts to look back on and confound everyone with…heh heh heh.  And as I do this massive project, I will also be undertaking an attempt to “Whitburn” my charts as well, making a directory of artists and hits as I go along. I will be replacing the TKR/DJC charts during that time frame with my own charts, so I will be taking the TKR charts from the week ending November 27 1993 up to the week ending December 26 2009, bringing them in line with the 2010 charts already in existence, and then take it further from 2011 to 2018, where my most recent chart started.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the project long before the projected date, and I will post the “Missing Years” charts as I finish each year, so you can follow along with me on this massive project. I hope everyone will enjoy the end result as much as I think I’m going to…

And of course throughout that time, i will continue to add other things to the site as well, and keep up with everything else we can.

Doing massive projects like this definitely DOES need your support – if you’re a reader of my stuff, and could help out by becoming a Patron member, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll have some special TKR incentives soon, but until I do, you can hookup with us at http://patreon.com/pnrnetworks.

And along the way, more Playtions, more news, more music memories and just a lot more STUFF! If you like TKR please tell your friends about it, link up to us, Facebook and Tweet us, and keep in touch via email using our Contact form to pass on your comments, your ideas, and more!

Thanks for your support and readership, and I hope you enjoy all that’s coming in the months ahead!

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