IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! The TKR Classic Charts are coming online!

You know, it has taken me almost a decade to get to this point, and I apologize for that. It’s only because I wanted to present things in the best possible way, and I’ve been trying to come up with a cool and fancy way to bring my old classic charts online.

First, I thought it would be cool to reenter them on new grids with cool new logos and such…but that proved to be impossibly time consuming, especially with all I have going throughout the PNRNetworks family.

Then, I thought, i’ll scan the charts in and use OCR to get them all squared away and make them all neat and cool. Nope – OCR has trouble with both the paper used at the time and my handwriting.

So I was thinking…is there any reason why they can’t go up AS IS? I mean, I was a KID at the time – 15 years old when I started them – and I could use the opportunity to comment on my thinking at the time, and put them up, warts and all. SO that’s what I’m gonna do!

I am pleased to announce that the TKR Classic Charts library is finally ready to go online!  I will begin posting the charts year by year starting with 1980, hopefully on Wednesday but possibly as late as this weekend, and put a new year up every couple of days until all the charts are up from 1980 to 1993. Unfortunately, it won’t be complete as yet – I have still been unable to locate the charts from 1978-79, the true formative years of my chart – my official chart began in June 1978, the summer of all summers for music, at least in my lifetime –  but I will get them up if and when I ever find them.

Now, here’s what you’re going to have to deal with when looking through the classic charts:

  • bad handwriting
  • scribbles and notes
  • check marks galore
  • discolorations because of time or spills or something
  • crazy short runs and crazy leaps up and down the charts

And more! But mostly, I want to share what I have always listened to with my readers here and my viewers on YouTube when the countdowns were up and running (and hopefully they’ll be coming back soon). I’m sure there are a lot of hits you will be disappointed to find didn’t do that well on my chart (or even missed my chart completely) and other songs that I loved and made hits on my chart that you will discover and hopefully enjoy! And along the way, on each yearly page, i’ll share some of my current thoughts about the classic charts, my mindset at the time, and why I liked what I liked and such.

The current charts are also almost caught up and should be ready to go back online with updated charts week by week starting in about two weeks.

Check back Wednesday (or later this week, no later than Saturday, I PROMISE!) for the debut of the TKR Classic Charts – 1980!

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