BREAKING: The Netherlands’ “Arcade” takes Eurovision crown

Apologies to anyone who came by looking for our liveblog for today’s Eurovision finals; we were having severe technical difficulties most of the show, and were unable to get a second machine up without totally knocking the first offline. I wholeheartedly apologize, and this wouldn’t have happened if they had secured a US outlet in time for the finals, damn you Logo TV for dropping it!

It was damn close, but in the end, “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence of The Netherlands sprung ahead of Sweden’s John Lundvik and his song “Too Late For Love” in the televoting to take the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest crown. Sweden, who was leading at the end of the jury vote announcement, only managed a paltry 63 points from the televoting – a shocker, since it was one of the fan favorites, and fell to sixth place over all. Mahood‘s “Soldi” from Italy took second, while Russia’s Sergey Lazarev took third overall with his fiery ballad “Scream“. Switzerland and Norway rounded out the top five.

My personal #1 pick, North Macedonia’s entry, “Proud” by Tamara Todevska was in the runner-up slot at the end of the jury voting, but also didn’t do well with the televote, but still managed the country’s best ever finish in the contest, coming in eighth. Ditto for Serhat‘s jaunty and adorable “Say Na Na Na” which gave San Marino it’s first top twenty spot in the finals at #20.

I’ll have a complete run down of the show up on Sunday, so stay tuned! And we’ll see you next year, likely in Amsterdam!

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