Billboard. Rolling Stone to compete for chart domination

The charts, they are a changin’…a new battle of charts is brewing…

Rolling Stone magazine announced on Friday that beginning Monday May 13, they will launch a new series of charts designed to compete directly with Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart and Billboard 200 album chart, plus charts that track artists and such.

Rolling Stone will go one better that the venerable chartmaker has managed over the years – the new Rolling Stone Singles charts will be updated daily, as opposed to weekly as Billboard has always done, even in the present streaming era.

Billboard, not to be outdone by Rolling Stone’s announcement, had one of their own on Monday – the launch of the Global 100, which will track streaming and download singles sales in more than 180 markets around the world and compile them into a new companion chart for Billboard’s industry standard Hot 100 chart, which charts the same for US releases. Both charts use Nielsen Soundscan technology to compile the information needed, and the new chart will implement several new factors in the issuing of the worldwide coverage. The Global 100 is expected to launch sometime this fall.

This won’t be the first time there have been competing music charts. Billboard faced competition from Cashbox and Record World for much of the mid 20th century, both using different factors for the compilation of their charts. Record World, originally called¬† Music Vendor,¬† lasted until 1982, while Cashbox ceased publication in 1996. The most recent competitor, Radio and Records, ceased publication in 1998 after being purchased by Billboard, where the R&R charts were folded into Billboard’s Airplay Monitor charts.

Complete collections of the information from all four competing pop charts can be purchased through the various publications of Record Research Inc, run by chart aficionado Joel Whitburn, whose works on the various Billboard charts have been in publication since the early 1970s; I can personally vouch for the books, as I have a great deal of them for my own chart-fanatic self. The latest book from the company compiles the info from the Radio & Records singles chart over the years. There is a link to the company on our sidebar.

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