Back To Life…well. sort of…

Ok well, that was fun wasn’t it? 🙂 I’d planned the site to be down for just a week, and instead it has been down for almost two months, sorry about that! And everything STILL isn’t done – but we’re getting there!

First up, I hope everyone likes the revamped look of the site, with news headers for the current stuff on the top, and more precise classification is coming soon.

The TKR charts STILL aren’t caught up completely, but they’re getting there! The current TKR chart will be up to date completely by the end of the month. I’ll start posting the catch-up charts this weekend. I’m also going to have more time to do it for right now, because of… um, “issues”…the massive back chart library archive is also almost ready and should be online in full in mid-May!

Now, onto those “issues” i mentioned…

Some of you have noticed that the TKR material on our PNRNetworks YouTube site disappeared last week. The reason for this – almost IMMEDIATELY after the European Union passed their restrictive new copyright laws, the record labels started hammering lots of US based music based YouTubers, never mind the fact that the law won’t actually be ratified until this summer, and then won’t be implemented for three more years. Anyway, every single day thereafter, WMG was sending YouTube notices to block every single Hot20 Countdown video featuring Charlie Puth‘s hit “Done For Me” on it. Never mind that they’d been up for SIX MONTHS. Never mind that the song was at #1 for three of those weeks. It was getting ridiculous and frustrating, and so I pulled EVERYTHING down. I WILL be relaunching the Hot20 in a lame, photos-and-no-songs format in the next few weeks, but I just can’t believe what these greedy bastards get away with…I give them tons of free publicity, stay below the “fair use” limit, and don’t have any problem when they monetize the videos I do,  and they repay me by ruining my channel. Well, fine. We’ll get around it in other boring ways, but it will take me a few days…

And I’ve officially begun my coverage of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest! The daily write ups this year are my ranking of the forty one songs competing, and can also be found on our sister sites eCinemaOne and Planet BiblioMusica! Postings will be up every day around Noon ET and there might be one or two days where I’ll have more than one post a day, to catch up things.

Other new features are planned as we go along, including expanded news coverage, expanded copyright coverage, daily songs to check out, and more, as I start to focus on a few new directions, including doing a LOT more curating on a growing number of playlists!

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll have further updates this weekend!

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