Don’t forget…Record Store Day 2019 is THIS SATURDAY

It’s time to head out and give your local record store some major love !

Saturday April 13 is Record Store Day 2019, and there are a ton of new releases hitting your local store on both vinyl and CD.

Remember, RSD releases are usually limited to a small pressing, and all stores won’t carry all releases. The best way for you to check on what your local store will have is to check with them directly. The official Record Store Day website has a complete list of participating stores, which you can find here. Most (but NOT ALL) of the stores have signed the RSD pledge, which you can also find more information about on the website. The list of releases planned can be found here.

One of this year’s gems is a reissue of an album I have the original vinyl version of from way back in 1972 – the Original Soundtrack from the classic kids show Multiplication Rock.  I was in fourth grade and having a hell of a time with my multiplication tables until this show came on and taught me the tricks I needed to master those buggers. Of course, that series spawned several more educational series along the same lines which became collectively known as Schoolhouse Rock – in addition to the above, there was Grammar Rock, America Rock, Science Rock, and for one season in the early 80s, a computer show called Scooter Computer and Mr Chips, and although not an official part of the series, some fans also include the bilingual rock video series Menudo on ABC as part of the series as well.

The pressing of the Multiplication Rock release is limited to 1500 copies and is authorized by the estate of the late Bob Dorough, who wrote many of the songs for the show, so if you don’t have it already, be sure to try and find this little gem in your local outlet on Record Store Day 2019!

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