Another new year is here and if you’ve been reading the posts being posted on all our sites, you know that we were struck with a massive computer failure two weeks ago. The last two weeks have been hell, trying to get back up to speed on all the various sites, and TKR has suffered the most. At the time of the crash, I was almost caught up with the charts, and it is my intention to be caught up with all of them by the end of this coming weekend.   Then, once they’re all finished, I will keep them up to date – I’ve already planned the update schedule so as not to fall behind again – and I will begin the task of updating my Hot20 video show for each week beginning with the first one and continuing on until it’s caught up – this is going to take me about two weeks to do, and that’s if I can manage production on at least one of them every day. But I am determined to get there! And once those are finished, then I can get the Retro20 show and my specialty shows back up and running as well.

In the meantime, though, I’m working on improving the site a bit. I am exploring the possibility of adding Amazon Music channels – can’t commit to this definitely yet, as I am still looking at how their system works, but hopefully I may be able to work something out.

I’m also planning to expand our video offerings a bit with a series of music quiz shows – I’ve been checking some various videos of this type on YouTube lately, and having a lot of fun playing them, so I thought I might take a crack at them. I’m thinking of doing year by year quizzes, and also some category-style quizzes, and the first of these should debut soon. Again, this will take a bit of extra YouTube research, so please be patient.

As we enter February next week, it will be time for my annual Eurovision Song Contest coverage to launch again – we have several of the songs and artists now announced, and I’ll begin to feature them in our song-by-song preview again around the beginning of March. This year’s contest will be held May 14, 16, and 18 in Tel Aviv, Israel. A number of Eurovision-connected songs were huge hits on the TKR charts in 2018, not the least of which was Netta‘s contest-winning smash “Toy”, which spent three weeks on top of the TKR chart in mid-summer.  You can find out more about the ESC by visiting, and tell them TKR sent you!

I’ll have more updates later in the week – and please, if you haven’t done so already, now is a GREAT time to become a Patreon Patron! PNRNetworks is now offering THREE podcasts exclusively for Patrons, and I will also be doing a Patreon-exclusive video show for TKR in the near future, so please join now – patron levels start at $2/month, you get the extra shows for $5/month, and all kinds of great perks go with each level. So help us to keep going – become a Patron today at!

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