Hi gang!  Sorry it’s been forever since I was able to update stuff here – things have been crazy around here since my last post – both my wife and I got sick – AGAIN – and work has been a hassle, but we’re almost there.

All the current TKR charts will be caught up by next weekend, when the Hot 20 will return with new installments. I hope to have some of the rest of the stuff back in circulation soon as well, but research is a bit longer these days due to the hassles YouTube has with stuff, which is only going to get worse in the new year if the EU passes Article 13 – this site is likely to have to completely drop our video productions if that happens. Hopefully it won’t happen – opposition is growing from around the world, so hopefully things will work out.

Anyway, stay tuned this week – things are coming back to life…finally! Thanks for your patience!


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