Hi everyone!  Been working on some MASSIVE updates to our “decades” Spotify Playtions this week and will be continuing more over the next two weeks.

When I launched the Decades based playlist Playtions, I got just enough in them to provide listeners with a great experience for each list. Now, the time has come to give each of the channels a MASSIVE upgrade, which started this week with the “Sunshine 70s” channel playtion, where I’ve added OVER 500 new tunes to the list in the past 48 hours!  You can now listen to the channel for over TWO DAYS without hearing a repeat (unless you want one, of course)!  And I’m not finished yet, either – more will be coming, as I tackle similarly HUGE updates for Ever So 80s, Naturally 90s, and Knockout Noughties over the next two to three weeks! Following that will be similar updates for the rest of the channels through to the end of October, hopefully giving you plenty of great music to listen to.

And also on this long Labor Day weekend, I have some more brand new Playtions poised for debuts over the course of the weekend, featuring all manner of music combinations. I think you’ll love most of them, and have fun with them too!

Also, still working on the various projects mentioned in my update last week – my first XXBest will premiere over the weekend, as well as this weeks’ Hot20 video, and more, so it’s gonna be busy, and I hope you all like what you see!

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