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Hi all! I sure hope you all have enjoyed my first video series, the TKR Weekly Hot20, which goes up every Saturday evening between 6 and 8 PM ET. It’s been GREAT to get back into the music charting game – I’m enjoying myself a lot, making my personal charts again, having fun posting my picks for songs, up and coming hits and more. If you’re new to some of the songs (and I’m sure there are quite a few songs that make my chart that will be new to a lot of people), I hope you’re checking the artists and the rest of their tunes out! That’s what I’m here for – to spread the word about great music!

Now, it’s time to reveal some of the other new stuff you can watch TKR’s YouTube PNRNetworks playlist channel for in the upcoming weeks and months – several great topical series are coming, and I hope you’re gonna love them all!

This new series will focus on my personal rankings of some of my favorite musical acts of all time and the songs they’ve performed throughout their career, along with an intro about who the artist is, why I’ve loved them for years, and also how I’m ranking things, which may change from artist to artist depending on circumstances. The “XX” designates a number – usually 30, 40, 50, or even 60 – of an artist’s entire output. These are my favorite artists of all time, the ones I’ve followed since their debut and love (most) everything they’ve ever done. I hope to launch this by the end of this month, with one or two artists per week, starting with Carpenters, Hanson, Def Leppard, Captain And Tennille, Meco, Jann Arden, and a few others…

This will be the same as the “XXBEST” except it will focus mostly on Billboard chart hits and known album cuts for longer sustaining acts that I’m familiar with and fond of hits by, but don’t consider myself to have the intimate knowledge of songs by these artists like I have in the “Best” series. Some of the ones I hope to be doing here in the next few months will be Beatles, BeatlesSolo, Madonna, and more.

I’m also prepping some topical lists that I will be presenting – most of these sometimes off the wall list ideas have come from my wonderful other half Kim Brown, and these will usually follow a top 20 or 30 format. The first of this type of list will be my most loathsome songs of all time – “30Worst”, a list of the songs I utterly despise, should make it to the channel by the end of August or early September. If you’re familiar with our Subject:CINEMA podcast spinoff Front Row Five And Ten, then you know the goofy range of the type of list categories I’ll be doing here (and if you’re not familiar with FRFAT – you should be – it’s lots of crazy fun! Check it out here!)

TKR ROLLBACK – Year by Year #1’s
Although I started doing my weekly charts in the summer of 1978, beginning in 1970 on through when the full chart actually started, I kept lists of all the number one hits I would have each week. I’ll be rolling out the Year By Year #1s collection by the end of September if not sooner (which will be accompanied by the corresponding lists in my charts library), and they’ll be releasing in chronological order starting with 1970. The earlier charts will come first of course, and I am now beginning to consider the prospect of working on NEW number ones lists – perhaps eventually expanding to full charts someday – to fill in the years-long gaps that now exist in places; the first new group will cover the years between 1993 (the end of my original weekly charts) and 1998 (relaunch of the chart under the DiscJockey.Com radio network banner); the second group will be from the end of 2000 (DiscJockey.Com’s closing) through to early 2010 (the relaunch of TKR), and again from the end of 2010 (when I ceased making the new charts due to time constraints) through the beginning months of this year. Eventually by 2020 I hope that there will be FIFTY YEARS – dear God have I REALLY been a chart maniac for THAT LONG? – of #1 singles to peruse through. Talk about a history of the change of musical styles over the years, eh? LOL!

PlanetBM is another blog that my wife and I run (see link under featured blogs on the top menu), and it focuses on physical media – book and record stores, and the people who love them (like US, Duh!). We also occasionally feature great complication clips from other YouTubers we love on this channel (mostly from our buddy over at FredFlix), and soon, I’ll also be posting some of the PlanetBM stuff both there and here, so you’ll want to keep looking for them – It’s likely to be a video scrapbook of album covers, picture sleeves, record or book store logos or media, physical labels, old music charts from magazines and radio stations, and so on – should be fun for those into nostalgia like me!

Now, those will be great for video fanatics, but I have plenty of non-video stuff happening here as well.

The charts rollout HAS BEGUN! YAY! This weekend, I have re-posted the collection of 2010 TKR Charts, and in order to expedite getting all the older charts up, I have purchased a small document scanner with OCR correction mode, so I will be able to scan all the older 1978-93 charts (which were handwritten – with my always hideous handwriting, this should be FUN FUN FUN! LOL!), then quickly go in to each scan and clean up spelling and such before posting. Charts from 1998-2000 (The DiscJockey.Com years – here’s a look at what DJC looked like back in spring 2000 courtesy of Internet Archive), were all printed for the website and be easy to scan in and will go up next, hopefully by the end of next weekend, and finally, the original TKR charts from 1980-1993; as I have explained elsewhere on the site, although my official weekly chart began in June 1978, I have still as yet been unable to locate the charts from 1978 or 1979 yet; charts from January 1980 – November 1993 are located, intact, and ready for scanning. I will be posting these a year at a time and hope to have them all posted by the end of the year. This will be the very first time that ALL of my musical programming has been available in public for all to see, and i’m sure it’s going to cause a lot of fun discussions… and hopefully lead many people to discover a TON of great music they may have never heard!

In September, I will make my first move into an actual formatted station, away from my always available Spotlfy playlists, in years, when the TKR HotHits channel launches on Radionomy. Now, to be honest, I’m not sure how I’ll do – I will need TONS of listeners to help me make this channel succeed as there are thresholds they have that keep the channels on the air, and I’m gonna need everyone’s help to do it! This channel will correspond with our current weekly charts, complete with bumpers, jingles, PNRNetworks promos, and such, and I hope you’ll come over, check out what we have to offer, and most importantly…keep listening!  Right now, if all goes according to plan,  I’m planning to launch a total of six channels through this awesome service at approximately a one per month pace, with HotHits in September, MarqueeMixx in October, MarqueeClassix in November, MarqueeScorez and Christmas Every Day in December, and an as-yet unnamed “variety” channel with hits from the 70s through today, in January or February 2019. If I do well with them, I will add more as time goes on.

Eventually, I am hoping to grow our network of PNRNetworks audio podcasts to include some shows here. The logistics are difficult because of the horrendously archaic copyright laws in existance, as you can’t actually play music unless it’s licensed, so it is likely to be a talk only show with an accompanying Spotify playlist when I first launch something in this area. But something will get going here eventually.

For about two years during the RadioTC and early TKR days, I did a little feature called the “Song of the Day” with a little story and a song for people to check out. It was kind of pattered after the kind of stories that appeared in “The Billboard Book of Number One Hits“, along with more than a little of Paul Harvey-type “Rest of The Story” features thrown in. It was quite popular by small blog standards, with several hundred hits a week. All of those original Song Of The Day entries are saved and will eventually be reintroduced here, and then we’ll start from scratch with brand new entries. Timeline for this project is following the final launch of the Charts project, so this will probably start next spring.  but it’s gonna be fun doing them again, I LOVED messing with minds on this kind of stuff, heh heh…

I’m hoping to do a few more things to make the site itself more useful for my visitors. I recently added the “Useful Links” area on the sidebar – these are music-related sites I consider invaluable for what I do here, linking to news sources, chart sources, streaming music, some collector-interest sites, and more. Use them, that’s what they’re there for – if you love music, like I do, I know you’ll like having them there.  In the weeks ahead I hope to add a “New Release Date” list for upcoming music releases, a page where you can see music, books, equipment and such that I have and think you might like that I talk about here and there, so you can purchase them through Amazon, a “TKR” merch site where you can show off your love for our site, and more. I’ll also have a newsletter launching soon, so be sure to subscribe when you see the link! And stay tuned for more,

You do. I do TKR on my own, without help. Most of the other sites too, with a little input from my wife and a few friends. We don’t take ads, don’t monetize our sites or podcasts at all beyond our planned merch stores, And I never want to either. We have lots of plans for all our sites. Personally, I hope you like and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making TKR and all the PNRNetworks sites. And we can certainly use your help. We have a Patreon set up to take donations. You don’t have to pledge much – our starting level is $2/month, and it goes higher if you can afford it, with all kinds of cool perks on the side that I’m presently in the middle of revamping. But right now, I’m at a crossroads where if people enjoy what we do and are willing to commit to a monthly donation, I just MIGHT be able to pull off switching my life around a bit and be able to do this kind of thing FULL TIME. That would be a dream come true for me – and make it possible to do SO MUCH MORE with TKR, eCinemaOne, Subject:CINEMA and ALL of our sites, shows, and podcasts. That would be fun for EVERYONE – both US and YOU – because it would mean more out there on a much more regular basis. Wouldn’t that be GREAT?  I think so!  You can click on our “Patreon” button on the top of the sidebar, in our YouTube header, or go directly to and make a committment. It would really help us out, you have NO IDEA. And we can do so much more for you that way!

So that’s what’s happening! Stay tuned, keep checking, spread the word, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share, Facebook and Tweet your friends about us, and help me bring a lot of great music stuff to your music-lovin’ life every week!

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