EuroVision ’18 Song By Song: “Forever” by Alekseev, Belarus

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Next up on our Song-By-Song preview is the official entry from Belarus, “Forever” by Alekseev, written by Kyrylo Pavlov and Evhen Matyushenko . The song is performed in English. 24-year-old Alekseev is Ukranian by birth, and yet another of this year’s EuroVision performers who found his first taste of fame on a televised talent contest – he shot to stardom by claiming fourth place on “The Voice of Ukraine” in 2014. The song will be performed 8th in the first semi-final on May 8. One of this year’s most popular entries among fans of EuroVision, this should be an interesting finish for the song

Ok, where to start with this one. First off, I love the song – the beautiful, heartfelt declaration of undying love in the lyrics make it a standout, and the song is going to be a favorite in the future for weddings and proms and such. So why did the powers that be choose to undercut the vast potential of the song by making possibly the most disturbing, honestly CREEPY video ever to be released for a EuroVision song? Geez Louise, this video is just psychotic from beginning to end – it starts off with Alekseev mutilating himself with a fountain pen, and watching as blood drips on the lyric sheets, as we see a burning cigarette on a table with the word “love” written on it. Then we get about eighty seven shots of the artist flicking his Bic (don’t worry, Bic fans, it returns later in the video), then he stares at the camera with an almost-dead look from various poses, one or two sipping from a coffee cup. We get shots of him kicking around a soccer ball (????!!!), and then he’s seemingly doing the IceBucket Challenge and shaking his head, making water go everywhere. And don’t forget the all important record selection scene and the spastic…um…dancing? And the shaving scene, particularly the last shot – yikes. I’m sorry, if this boy was in love with you….RUN! RUN TO THE HILLS! He’s a fucking stalker or serial killer or something….HOLY MAIRD did this video go completely off the rails or WHAT?  It’s sad, too, because he’s quite the heartthrob in the looks department, and he has a truly glorious voice that i’ve fallen head over heels in love with. But I can’t get past some of the stuff in the video…it’s just icky….especially the shot of a newspaper headline halfway into the song proclaiming “Another Horror Murder in Mythos; body count now up to four“…with the gigantic word “FEAR” just to the left and blood stains all over the newspaper itself…seriously, WHAT. THE. FUCK?????  The video changes the entire meaning of the song – it makes me think of those kind of people who are of the “if I can’t have you…NO ONE WILL!” psychopath variety… In all fairness, the song could be a hit on the US Charts if they manage to find a release here – Alekseev’s voice is glorious, and the song has a great sentiment. But a suggestion – if you DO bring it over to the states…please, FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT’S DECENT, CHANGE THE DAMN VIDEO!!!

Belarus debuted in the EuroVision contest in 2004, making it one of the more recent participants; they have participated fourteen times thus far. Their best finish to date was sixth place, with “Work Your Magic” by Dimitry Koldun in 2007. They have qualified for the final only four times since the semi-final round was introduced in 2004.

Here’s the official music video  – I would LOVE to know your opinion of it, given my strong opinions above…do you agree with me about how totally messed up this video is?

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